2018 West Virginia Quilt Festival

This year’s festival was amazing and Pocahontas County was very well represented.  The visitors were plentiful and this year’s quilts were stunningly beautiful!  Our very own Debbie Walker had a beautiful entry.  This was a quilt she presented during last year’s ” Fall into Quilting” retreat.  Sherry Hudson’s “Welcome to the North Pole” was a labor of love and her project just made you smile every time you looked at it.  The manner in which she personalized her project was simply the best!   Diana Beverage (Artcents’) and Amy Caloccia (Cass Quilting Shop) were obviously very busy since last year, as they both had many stunning projects entered.  All of these women are extremely talented, simply the most lovely women to know and are very active in the quilting community.  They both regularly share their talents with quilters throughout the area.  I hope you enjoy the pictures from this year’s festival.


Upcoming Northeast Quilt Shows 2017

The upcoming Northeast quilting events are all special.  Check your calendar and see if a road show is in order.  You will be happy!!!

July 2017

Quilt Odyssey – July 20-23, 2017. At the Hershey Lodge & Convention Center in Hershey, PA 17033. For more info visit https://www.quiltodyssey.com/.

Peach Blossoms – Quilts in the Orchard – July 21-22, 2017. Presented by Ocean Waves Quilt Guild at Cape Henlopen High School, 1250 Kings Highway, Lewes, DE. For more info visit http://www.oceanwavesquiltguild.org/quilt-show.

August 2017

Diamond State Quilt Show 2017 – August 10-12, 2017. Presented by Ladybug Quilt Guild at Singerly Fire Hall, 300 Newark Avenue, Elkton, Maryland. For more info visit http://ladybugquiltguild.weebly.com/.

World Quilt Show – New England – August 17-19, 2017. Presented by Mancuso Show Management at The Radisson Center of New Hampshire, Manchester, New Hampshire. For more info visit http://www.quiltfest.com/.


September 2017

Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza – September 14-17, 2017. Presented by Mancuso Show Management, the largest and most prominent quilting arts event in the Northeast all under one roof at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Phoenixville, PA. For more info visit http://www.quiltfest.com/upcoming-shows-and-events/pennsylvania-national-quilt-extravaganza/.

October 2017

Sew Many Memories – October 18-22, 2017. Presented by Undercovers Quilters at Brookhaven Municipal Building, 2 Cambridge Road, Brookhaven, PA. For more info visit http://undercoverquilters.com/.

2017 West Virginia Quilt Festival

I probably say it every year, but this year’s festival was so wonderful!  The weather was perfect (which is in stark contrast to last year when we experienced the devastating floods), the visitors were plentiful and this year’s quilts were stunningly beautiful!  We had at least two winning entries from right here in Pocahontas County, too!  Diana Beverage and Linda Adams.  Both of whom are extremely talented and simply the most lovely women to know.  They both regularly share their talents with quilters throughout the area.


I was thrilled to see a Spendid Sampler entry.

As well as a Lori Holt design.

It was a spectacular showing of quilts and the vendors were amazing with a wide range of wares.  Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and we can’t wait until next year!



West Virginia Quilt Festival & Row by Row

Just a reminder that next week starting on June 22 – 24 is the WV Quilt Show in Summersville, WV. https://wvquilters.org/Festival.html On the 21st of June the Row by Row starts all over the US and Canada. Check for quilt shops anywhere you go and pick up your Rows to put together in a quilt. Check out Deb Ann’s Fabrics https://www.debannsfabrics.com/ for more information on who it works and to see my Row for 2017. Hope to see you at either/both places. Happy Creating.

Whew! Such a busy time…!

As summer approaches, a variety of quilting events are looming on the horizon!  First up is the West Virginia Quilt Festival, beginning 22 June 2017! Can you believe it?    During this time period, the Row by Row Experience and Junior Row by Row Experience will start,  followed by the West Virginia Mountain Quilt Quest in July!  Of course, getting ready for all these events began months ago and I have a feeling things won’t be slowing down any time soon.  Here is a little something I “whipped up” so folks participating in the quilt quest can see what all the shop hop blocks would look like put together in a quilt.  I’m quite proud of the results!  What do you think?

I also used the West Virginia Mountain Quilt Quest bird panel to create this.

I was most pleased with the results!

Needless to say, here in West Virginia,  we are very excited to see the quilting event season to begin.  It is our opportunity to show off our our beautiful state, our hospitality and our love of quilting.  So get out that GPS, gas up the car and hit the road.  See you soon!


West Virginia Quilt Show

Next Thursday, 22 June 2017, is the first day of the West Virginia Quilt festival in Summersville, WV.  The festival runs through Saturday, 24 June.  There will be beautiful quilts, vendors, classes and much more.  A new category of quilts has been added this year, entitled:  Modern/Contemporary.  For more information about the upcoming show and/or newsletter, go to https://wvquilters.org/Festival.html.  There is a wealth of information regarding the show, as well as information about West Virginia Quilters, Inc.  I hope to see you there!  By the way, I am a vendor again this year, so come by, tell me you read this on my website and get a surprise!  See you there and happy quilting.