Quilter’s Kick Off Weekend – 27 and 28 March 2020

Deb Ann’s Fabrics, thanks in part to a grant from the Calvin W. Price Appalachian Enrichment Services, is hosting a two day quilting event, on 27 and 28 March 2020, at the McClinic Library in Marlinton, West Virginia.  Come join us as we kick off the 2020 quilting season and learn how you can blend old with new skills.

Friday’s class will be learning about crazy patch or improvisational piecing.  By definition, improvisational piecing, or improv for short, simply means piecing without a plan.  Though improvisation has recently exploded in modern quilting, utilizing every single scrap of fabric and “making it work” is a hallmark of the of the earliest patchwork quilts.  Improv piecing is truly adaptable to every style.  We will have the opportunity to look at traditional patchwork as well as modern quilting.  You’ll see how using structured improvisation addresses how to plan your patchwork and to deal with the, sometimes, visually overwhelming aspect of modern improv quilting.

Saturday’s class will be all about the actual quilting of a quilt.  Lots of us may not be able to afford or what to have our quilts done by a longarm quilter.  So we are going to learn the age old technique of “knotting” a quilt.  Two different quilts will be available to allow class participants to develop this skill.

We hope you will join us for a learning weekend designed to bridge old and new skills.  Please go to https://www.debannsfabrics.com/download/Quilters_Kickoff_2020.pdf for more information and to download the class brochure.  You can register and pay for your classes online at https://www.debannsfabrics.com/product-category/craftclasses/

We look forward to seeing you soon!