Let’s Talk About Class Attendance

For every instructor, the amount of preparation to present a class is significant.    From preparing instructional and learning materials, lesson plans and getting the classroom arranged, there is a lot to presenting a class.    With all the preparation, it is very disappointing when only two of the five or six folks who said they were going to come show up for class.
Therefore, beginning 1 January 2020, you must sign up and pay for classes in advance.   You will be able to pay and register for most classes online or by visiting Deb Ann’s Fabrics.  For a class to be offered during the daytime, there must be four students signed up and the class prepaid.  If you cannot attend the class and you cancel one week prior to the date, you can have the class fee moved to another class or receive a refund.  When you pay for a class the commitment is there to attend.   All instructors will be grateful, knowing whether to be prepared or they have time off.
Having the classroom available to the community has been a long held dream that has finally come to pass!  We want to make the best use of our classroom and our instructors!  Wishing you great happiness for the upcoming year and looking forward to all the many learning opportunities that will be available.