Pocahontas Bicentennial Quilt Blocks

Pocahontas County Courthouse
Pocahontas County
2Pocahontas County

Pocahontas County will be celebrating it’s bicentennial in 2021.  In preparation for this historic event, quilters of Pocahontas County are in the process of putting together two quilts to mark this major milestone.  When completed, one quilt will be placed on display at the Pocahontas County courthouse, commemorating our 200th year birthday.  The other quilt will be raffled in order to secure funds for the actual bicentennial event.  Blocks are now available for pick up at Deb Ann’s Fabrics in Hillsboro and the Wellness Center in Marlinton.  If you had not previously expressed an interest in completing a block but are interested, please contact Lauren Bennett at 304 799-7386.  Blocks must be completed and turned in by 15 May 2019.