“Something New” or “Who Doesn’t Like A Deal”???

We have added a little something new to our website.  Have you seen it yet?  Well, so as not to keep you in too much suspense, we have added a coupon to our website!  The coupon is good for “in store” purchases only.  So in order to start realizing your savings immediately go to https://www.debannsfabrics.com/,  print out the coupon and bring it with you the next time you visit the shop.  It will be good for 10% off your total purchase.  I’m doing this for two reasons.  One, I want people to become more familiar with my website and secondly, I want to show my appreciation to all of you that shop with me.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go to https://www.debannsfabrics.com/, print out that coupon and I will see you real soon!