Taming Your Fabric “Collection”!

As you continue to develop your skills as a sewist and/or a quilter, your collection of fabrics will (hopefully) continue to grow to epic proportions!  Having a fabric stash is a funny thing.  When you begin a project, you peruse your stash to see what you might want to use and, for me, it is never anything from my stash.  A new project requires new fabric because THAT fabric is for my stash.  It reminds me of a cartoon I read not too long ago, “No one expects a stamp collector to actually mail letters with their collection.  No one expects the coin collector to  use his coins in a vending machine to buy a soda.  So why does everyone expect me to use my fabric collection to actually sew anything?”As I have continued to acquire new fabric, it has become increasingly difficult to manage the information that goes hand in hand with new acquisitions.  While I have thought I would remember where the fabric came from, how much I paid for it, how much I bought, etc., I didn’t!  I thought keeping the receipts from my purchases would it help.  No, it did not!  So I am now in search of a way to keep important information about my fabric purchases and in a way that will be functional for me.  After doing from research via the web, I have found several really interesting ways to tame your fabric stash and wanted to share the links with you.  ‘The Sew Weekly” discusses how to gain some control over your fabric collections and they provide a free downloadable PDF for fabric swatches.  I would recommend printing it on cardstock to make it more durable.   Colette Media discusses various ways they have worked with their growing collections of fabrics and they, too, have included a downloadable fabric swatch tag.  You may like to have something just a little different so I have provided a link from “Planner for Handmaidens”.  They have a different type of fabric swatch (for a fee) and downloadable, also.




There are lots of other ideas out there and I encourage you to do additional research, if these ideas don’t work for you, and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about this topic.  In the meantime, Happy Sewing!!!