Remember When? How About An Old Fashioned Quilting Bee!

In an effort to preserve the quilting process and the lost art of hand quilting, area quilters are invited to participate in an old fashioned quilting bee on 21 April 2018, from 10 am to 4 pm, at the Watoga State Park recreation building.  This rare event (thanks to a Calvin Price grant) is open to anyone, including young adults, wanting to gain experience in hand quilting.  There is no charge to attend and donations are welcomed.  The large quilt we will be quilting is being donated by Ms Jean Jackson of Droop Mountain and a smaller quilt will be donated by an area quilter.  Food is pot luck.  Please don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to gather around a quilt frame, learn quilting skills from expert area hand quilters and experience an event that is quickly disappearing!  For additional information or questions, please contact Deb Ann at 304 653-4150.
For those of you  asking, “What is a quilting bee?”…The quilting bee was an extremely popular social event in the mid nineteenth century. “The quilting bee provided a social space for women to gather and gossip (isn’t THAT a hoot!) while they simultaneously expressed their artistic capabilities.  The quilting bee dates back to 1825-35.”  To learn more of the origins of the quilting bee, check out this link:  The quilting bee has evolved into a variety of different experiences, to include  “virtual” quilting bees.  In doing research for this article, I came across a book review by Amy Smart, aka Diary of a Quilter, who reviewed “Modern Bee:  13 Quilts To Make With Friends.”  If you are interested in learning more about this “new” experience, follow this link:
I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this event!