Holiday Times

It’s that time of year when the rush to create and/or complete holiday projects begins.  It doesn’t mean, however, you have to feel stressed.  Friends and family appreciate the specialness of handmade gifts.  Anyone can order online gifts or pop into a store to pick something up, but to think of “that” person and create something special just for them, there is nothing like it.  I will confess…I have this little routine in the morning.  Before anyone else gets up, it’s still dark outside and the world is still quiet, I spend time on my iPad checking the news, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, as well as a couple of my favorite quilting websites.  As a result I would like to share a couple of recent “pins” from Amy Smart, aka “Diary of a Quilter”.  I’m going to provide you with the link to her blog and hope you will take some time to check out her ideas.  She is another amazingly talented person with tons of creativity.  Let me know what you think!

First up:  My favorite quilt patterns – Over 18 different modern Christmas Quilt patterns including free tutorials for tree skirts and throw pillows. Read more here on her blog: 

It can be a challenge to find that perfect gift for the crafty friend, so she has “Over 50 ideas for gifts to make or buy for Quilters and those who love sewing! Includes books, notions , tools, & tutorials for handmade gifts.”  More about that here:

She also has a tutorial on a beautiful christmas tree skirt that I hope you will check out:

With warmest regards…