Whew! What A Day!

Debbie’s West Virginia bird panel class picked back up after lunch.  We had one completed quilt top to exhibit and the remaining participants continued on with their work.  Machines were humming and conversations had died down as folks really focused on completing their beautiful work.  The variety of colors in the borders and sashing were amazing.  Reds, greens, blues, yellows and golds were all used.

Diana’s afternoon class was entitled “Conquer and Divide”.  In this class participants were asked to “think outside” the quilt blocks, to move beyond stitching in the ditch.  Participants tried their hand at free motion quilting, quilting with rulers and encouraged to look at a completed block in an entirely different light.


It was an exciting day with participants being stretched to embrace new techniques, new color palates, and new ideas.  By the end of the day, you could tell people were exhausted but exhilarated in their new found knowledge and confidence.

Until tomorrow…