Spring into Quilting

Our “Spring into Quilting” retreat kicked off this morning.   This is our first time hosting a quilting event at the old Campbelltown School and the setting couldn’t be more perfect.  While we have had a couple of gloomy and rainy days here in Marlinton, the sun came out this morning, pouring bright light into every corner of the schoolhouse, which provided perfect lighting for the quilters taking classes in “Y seams” with Debbie Walker and “Binding 101” with Joann Cordell.


Diana Beverage has three samples of her quilting on display.  Most people associate Diana with customized quilting but she wants everyone to know she also does edge to edge quilting, heirloom quilting and pantograph designs.  Whichever technique you decide to use on your quilting project, Diana’s longarm quilting will take your project to the next level!

Four more classes are scheduled for this afternoon and evening and there are four classes scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday.  If you were unable to attend the spring retreat, don’t despair!  Our next quilting retreat is scheduled for October 2017!  We will continue to post pics and updates throughout the weekend!