Jelly Roll Race

The Jelly Roll Race was a great day for all who participated.  We all started with a 40-42 pc. 2 1/2 strip Jelly Roll and finished with a quilt top to be completed with borders or anyway they want to.  We had ladies from age 80 – 10, and us older ladies really enjoyed having Ms. Taylor Hoke sewing with us.  Just watching a younger quilter’s enthusiasm and interest made us proud to pass on what we love doing.  They finished products were all beautiful in their own colors .  There was door prizes given each hour with winners being, Jean Jackson, Katie Malcom, Taylor Hoke, Roseanna Groves and Patty Hillyard.  First place was won by Theresa Talbert, she received a rotating cutting mat and we had a tie for last place – Teresa Dunbrack and Joanna Cordell , they have to figure out a way to share a jar of jelly, (good luck girls.)  I look forward to the next day of quilting.  Picture will follow soon.