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Stitch a Strippy Pumpkin Quilt Block for Fall

FREE Pumpkin Quilt Block Tutorial:

I found this cute pumpkin quilt block (http://www.craftsy.com/blog/2015/10/pumpkin-quilt-block) and thought it would be a nice project for “getting ready for autum”.  The block, in its original format would finish at an 8″ square but I wanted it to be at least a 12″ block, so I could make it into a wall hanging.  So how to enlarge the project and keep things in proportion?  After doing considerable research online (which gave me a headache and was so confusing) and asking others how they enlarge blocks (another headache and very confusing), I was lucky enough to have a friend share with me an invaluable resource.  It’s called a proportion calculator and here is the link:  http://www.universalprinting.com/calculator.aspx.  All you have to do is fill …

Quilt Fabric

Yes, it is true: all fabric is not created equal. There really is a difference in fabric: the thread count, the dyes that are used, the way the fabric is produced, all affect the quality of the finished product. Frankly, you get what you pay for. The bigger box stores are going to carry cheaper, not as well-made fabric – especially in the quilting cottons.  There’s no reason why you can’t use the cheap stuff.  I personally would not invest in super expensive fabric. But if you are making a wedding quilt that you hope to become a family heirloom make the investment in high-quality products. You won’t regret it – especially considering the time you’ll invest in a project like that. Below are some …

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New fabric shippment

We recieved a new shipment of fabric this week from NC.  Come on in and check them out.  Also, new products going online soon so keep up to date on the website and we will be happy to ship any order out ASAP.  Happy Quilting Deb…

WV Quilt Show

I am back from the WV Quilt Festival in Summersville.  It was a beautiful show of amazing quilts along with a display of 1800’s quilts from a collections.  Despite the rains and bad roadways it was deemed a success by the people who worked so hard to make it possible.  I enjoyed myself and met amazing people.  I also had an teaching experience that I enjoyed very much – Thanks to Vickie Graham for inviting me to be a part of the event.  Also, I want to thank Joanna Corrdell, a wonderful friend who braved the weather and spent all three days helping me.  All is unpacked and mostly back to normal at the shop.  Don’t forget you can collect your Rows now for your …

WV Quilt Show

Thursday is the first day of the WV Quilt show in Summersville, WV.  There will be beautiful quilts, vendors from lots of WV towns, classes and much more.  I hope to see many of you there, I am a vendor, come by and tell me you read this on my website and get a surprise.  See you there, happy quilting.…

Busy, Busy, and More Busy


Things have been very hectic around the shop this week.  The Row by Row Experience starts on 21 June and we have been busy cutting and packaging more kits.  Why, why, why, did I think ten or so kits would be enough???  The Row by Row event has grown so much since it’s inception.  I found this interactive map the other day that plotted all the shops participating in 2015 experience. You can view the map by clicking on this link 2015 shop map.  It is so impressive to see how many shops are involved.  Did you know the row by row extends to Eastern Europe, Canada and Alaska?  Would anyone locally be interested in getting together for a road trip to visit shops …

Hang out with hundreds of hung quilts June 17-18 in Virginia Beach

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This guild is all hung up on quilts, roughly 300 of them.

On Friday and Saturday, the Tidewater Quilters’ Guild will host its massive, biennial display at Cape Henry Collegiate School. The 2016 event is titled “Quilters Rock the Beach,” and is as much about taking the measure of the members’ sewing success as it a joyous celebration of quilting.

According to publicity co-chair, Dr. Lola McCracken, the two-day event “is a gargantuan effort.” Months of work can be involved in creating the elaborate quilts, followed by the hours needed to set up their display. Hung on temporary metal stands installed by the guild volunteers, the quilts form a labyrinth of color, prints and designs in the school’s field house.

The show is both a …

UFO Group Projects

I love those Fridays when folks from the UFO group stop by to share their latest and greatest projects!

I wanted to share a couple of them with you.  Joann Cordell completed a quilt top, per her sister’s request, that was to look like a sunrise.  The colors are amazing and all the fabrics she used were from her existing “fabric stash”.  I wish we were all so lucky to have such a ready supply of fabric!!!  Joann has been quilting for a little over five years.  She has another quilt she will be entering in  in the West Virginia Quilt Festival, in Summersville, West Virginia, later this month.  Look for her work when you attend this year!

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Sherry Hudson brought in a Halloween quilt …