Spooktacular Savings!

Spooktacular Savings



Spooktacular Savings at Deb Ann’s Fabrics 24 – 31 October!  Come in and pick a fortune telling card.  Your savings will be revealed on your card.  Every card is a winner!  Don’t miss this exciting and fun opportunity.  See you in the shop!…

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Fall is my favorite season for many reasons: the crisp days, cool nights, falling leaves, crunchy apples, coffee drinks, back to school, football, fall colors, and Halloween.

Are you looking for some Fall fabric? Maybe Halloween or Christmas?


2016 “Fall Into Quilting” Retreat

Day one of our retreat saw a steady stream of quilters bringing in their “tools of the trade”, finding their classrooms and getting set up for the day’s classes.  The level of anticipation was high!  Classes taught on the first day included basic machine and quilting 101, “Just How Can I Quilt This?”, basic cutting, hand applique and zentangle.  Laughter and the steady whirl of sewing machines could be heard up and down the halls!

By day two it was clearly evident new friendships had been forged and our quilters were now deeply involved in their classes and projects!  Classes were held on strip piecing, making graffiti name tags, scrap crazy and even a Christmas stack and whack!

By day three, our quilters were showing up for classes exhausted and in desperate need of coffee !  …

Chain Store vs Quilt Store Fabric?

This was an interesting article I came across the other day from “Quilting Hub”.  Let me know what you think!

“Is there really a difference between fabric that is purchased in a chain store or purchased in a quilt store? As a quilt pattern designer, quilt teacher, and having owned a quilt store for thirteen years – I can profess that there IS a difference between chain-store and quilt store fabrics. Sometimes it’s a big difference!

So why is quilt store quality fabric more expensive than chain store fabric? There are several reasons! Beautiful, heirloom quality, designer brand fabrics that most of us are familiar with are printed on high quality gray (greige) goods. Gray goods is the fabric that is in its natural state and ready to be printed on. High quality gray goods have thread counts of a minimum of 60 x 60. Higher thread counts give the fabric a silkier feeling. The weave is denser because of the thread count. That dense weave allows the fabric to live longer. It also allows the dyes to take better to the fabric. You’ll find less fray, less bleeding, and your final quilt will last much longer.

Chain stores generally carry lower quality cotton fabrics. Because the fabric is lower quality, the stores can then charge a lower price per yard on their fabric. I’ve heard the following comment quite often: “I’ve found (designer’s) fabric at (a certain) chain store for a really low price so it has to be good fabric!”.…